To make sure our customers are always fully satisfied we have developed a dedicated page to display all of our frequently asked questions as well as a contact form to ask us in case we haven't been asked before! To make our page easy to navigate we have divided our FAQ page into 3 easy to digest sections:

  1. General - This covers aspects such as our opening times, delivery information, payment option etc.

  2. Products - Here we answer all of your questions with regards to PermaLawn's products including our grass solutions, adhesives and additional accessories.

  3. Contact - Here we cover questions on how you can contact us in relation to your order or pricing etc.


What time are you open?

PermaLawn is open from 07:30 until 17:00 Monday till Friday. We are not open weekends, bank holidays or over the Christmas and New Year's period. PermaLawn reopens the first working day after these events.

Where are you located?
PermaLawn is located just down the road from Permaroof UK with our official address being:

Unit 1 West Way
Cotes Park Ind Est
DE55 4QJ

What payment methods do you accept?
Here at PermaLawn we accept the following payment methods:
  • Visa Debit

  • Visa Electron

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Maestro

  • Direct Debut

  • BACS

  • Cash

  • PayPal

  • SagePay

Do you deliver?
Yes we do, we offer a next day delivery service if your order is placed before 2pm. If received after 2pm your order will be processed for dispatch the next working day. We do not currently offer weekend delivery's so if your order is received after 2pm on Friday it will be delivered the following Tuesday.

How much does delivery cost?
The cost of your delivery is based on the total weight of your order with the current pricing structure:
  • 0-10kg: £12.10

  • 10-50kg: £23.10

  • 50-100kg: 39.14

  • 100-200kg: £40

Any orders above this weight will receive free delivery

Were do you deliver to?
We deliver across the entirety of the UK including England, Wales and Scotland. To view a larger list of our delivery locations simply click the button below!
UK Delivery Location

How long does delivery take?
As long as you place your order before 2pm Monday - Thursday you should receive your order the next working day.

Can I collect my order direct from your headquarters?
Yes you can! As long as we receive your order before 2pm you can collect your goods anytime between 4-5pm that same day! Or you can arrange a more convenient pick up time by giving us a call on 01773 608808 and talking to one of the PermaLawn team about your needs!

Do I need ID to place, pay or collect an order?
No you don't, As long as you have paid for your items there is no need for identification. You can pay upon collection of your order, via the phone or online when placing your order, whichever is easiest for you!

Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?
Here at PermaLawn we realise that both trade and DIY customers may use us and so we made the decision to display our prices with both ex VAT and inc VAT variables. This way our customers always know exactly what they are paying!

Product Related

What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a surface of synthetic fibres, constructed to look like natural grass. It is most often used in sports arenas / pitches that are normally played on normal grass but in recent times more and more people have started using artificial grass for gardens, patios, terraces and even golf putting greens, due to its low maintenance and ability to withstand heavy use without the need for periodic cutting.

How much does artificial grass cost?

Here at PermaLawn we offer a wide range of artificial grass solutions and so our prices vary depending on the type of grass you chose to have. Currently our prices range from £8.95 per m2 up to £21.91 per m2.

How much artificial grass can I buy?

Here at PermaLawn we haven't set a limit on the amount of artificial grass you can buy, but please bear in mind our rolls finish at 22.5m in length and 4m in width. We can supply cuts up to these sizes but there is nothing stopping you purchasing multiple rolls, so if you need 5, 5 is how many we'll supply!

Do you install the grass?

No we don't, but we do have a network of fully qualified installers available to you. If you wish to find your most local installer please use our 'Find and Installer' contact form! Find your local installer

Why should I chose artificial grass over keeping my natural lawn?

This is a question that the PermaLawn team are often asked and it is a very valid question. Our artificial grass solutions are very high quality and come complete with a 7 year warranty (most natural lawns only have 1 year). On top of this our artificial lawns are very low maintenance and look great, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

How do I find the area of my project?
This is very simple, simply times the length of your project by its width. So if your garden is 10m long and 10m wide you'll need to order 100 m2 of artificial grass. If your garden is an awkward shape or if you wish to have non-square you will need to take the widest measurements. You will then be able to request your installer to cut the artificial grass to the exact size/shape you require.

What is 'pile height'?
The pile height is length of the yarns used in your new artificial grass. Depending on the use and style of your artificial grass this length will vary. Here at PermaLawn our pile heights varying from 13mm for our St Andrews all the way to our 45mm Kensington.

What yarn styles do you have?
Here at PermaLawn we have 3 different yarn style available, these are:
  • *Oval -*These offer great memory without sacrificing any of the lawns integral softness.

  • C-shape - The 'C' shaped design is the closest you can get to the natural make up of real grass, adding to the realism your new artificial lawn will bring you.

  • C-Shape 2.0 - The C-shape 2.0 yarn style is the latest in yarn technology that contain micro-ribs which provides a number of advantages including heat reduction across the whole lawn, no shine for purest realism and extreme durability and

Is my artificial grass guaranteed?
Yes! Here at PermaLawn we offer a 7 year colour fast guarantee.

How do I install my new grass myself?
Unless you are fully competent in artificial grass installation we highly recommend having a professional install your new lawn as to make sure it is done correctly and without issue.

If you wish to install your grass yourself please visit out installation page: Install your own artificial grass

Do you sell adhesives for use during the installation process?
Yes we do! We have a range of multi-purpose and Aquabond adhesives that are specifically designed to work in conjunction with artificial grass.
Please visit our online shop to find out more PermaLawn adhesives

How do I secure my artificial grass into place?
As well as our range of adhesives we also provide a range of hot dipped galvanised securing pegs and joining tape.

Visit our online shop to find out more! PermaLawn securing products

Do you offer artificial grass that is suited for golfing?
Yes we do! When you can't get to the gold course, PermaLawn can bring the golf course to you with our 13mm St Andrews artificial grass!

Visit our online shop to find out more! 13mm St Andrews

What is your most luxurious artificial grass?
For the ultimate in luxury artificial grass solutions we highly recommend our 45mm Kensington!

Visit our online shop to find out more! 45mm Kensington

What is a good entry level artificial grass?
If you are looking for a high quality and robust entry level artificial grass solution you can't go wrong with our 28mm Chessington!

Visit our online shop to find out more! 28mm Chessington

How long with my artificial grass last before it needs to be replaced?
This is another question the PermaLawn team are often asked and it is again a very good, if not expansive, question.

It is hard to put an exact time scale on how long your new artificial grass will last. We guarantee your new lawn for 7 years but it should last well beyond this but how much depends on a variety of conditions including usage and weather.

Contacting PermaLawn

Do you have a contact telephone number?
Yes we do, it is located in several locations around the website including at the top of every page. If you need to contact the PermaLawn team via telephone please call us on: 01773 608808

Can I contact you online?
We currently do not use a 'live chat' system but have a serious of specific contact forms you can use to send us a direct message.

Please visit our dedicated contact page to find out more! Contact PermaLawn

What if I want to cancel or amend an order I've placed?
We hope you never have to cancel an order with us but if you do or wish to add more to your current order before it has been processed please use the dedicated contact form for 'Your order'. Alternatively you can always call us if this is urgent on 01773 608808.

Please visit our dedicated contact page to find out more! Your order

Can I register for special offers and discounts?
Yes you can! Using our dedicated contact form you can keep up-to-date with everything PermaLawn including the latest news, offers and discounts!

Please visit our dedicated contact page to find out more! Register for updates

Do you provide credit accounts for trade customers?
Yes we do! If you're a trade professional and wish to have a trade account with PermaLawn please call us on 01773 608808 and one of the PermaLawn team will be on hand to take you through the process.