Fudge the Tortoise receives some new grass

Fudge the tortoise recently received an upgrade to his enclosure with a lovely piece of PermaLawn's 27mm Haddon artificial grass.

Haddon is perfect for use with animals due to its 'pet friendly' design. The lack of lead and cadmium (two components know to be dangerous to both humans and animals) makes all of PermaLawn's artificial grass great for both indoor and outdoor use with animals.

Haddon has oval shaped yarns. These provide our artificial grass solutions with a great memory without sacrificing any of the grasses integral softness. This is key when being used in very high traffic areas such as photoshoots or outside in weathered conditions.

The soft look of Haddon makes this perfect not only for use with Fudge the Tortoise but also doubles up and a great looking display, meaning both your house and your Tortoise can have some style!

Fudge the Tortoise and his new Haddon artificial grass

Fudge the Tortoise with his new artificial grass

Friday, August 25th, 2017