Ormonde 33mm

£16.58 inc VAT

Pile height 33mm

'C' Shaped yarns

Natural green tone

Ideal for landscaping

Soft to the touch

Made in the EU

Ormonde has been designed to be an all rounder, just like it's brother, Sherwood. Similarly, it can be used in a commercial environment as it is strong and flexible. It also is a more vibrant green tone. However as it's soft too, is suitable for your garden. Making a safe surface for all the family to play on.

Type : tufted non filled synthetic grass carpet
Yarn material : PE monofilament straight & PP monofilament curled
Yarn type : 7.200/8 dTex + 3.100/8 dTex
Yarn quality : environmental friendly, UV stabilized, UV stability meets DIN 53387 standard
: free of lead and cadmium
Colour fastness : xenon test: blue scale > 7, grey-scale > 4
Primary backing : 100% PP Thiobac ® with fleece, black, UV stabilized
: weight 155 gr/m²
Secondary backing : black latex compound with a base of styrene-butadiene (SBR), with drainage holes
: weight 850 gr/m²
Tuft gauge : 3/8''
Pile height : 33 mm (+/-10%)
Stitches per 10cm : 16 (+/-10%)
Stitches per m8 : 16.800 (+/-10%)
Face weight : 1.300 gr/m² (+/-10%)
Total weight : 2.305 gr/m² (+/-10%)
Roll width : 400cm + 200cm (+/- 2cm)
Roll length : 25.20 mA (+/- 20cm)
: roll length may vary
Water permeability : 60 liter/min/m²
Fire retardant classification : Cfl-S1 (EN ISO 11925-2: sand filled ca. 5mm)
: Efl-S1 (EN ISO 11925-2; non filled)
Batch information : before installation make sure the first 4 digits of the roll number are equal
Shrinkage : shrinkage can appear due to high temperatures. Make sure the carpet can relax before cutting
Infill recommendation : non infill (optional 5kg/m²)