Artificial Grass Installation Guides

Artificial grass installation guides from PermaLawn offer homeowners and trade grass installers a wide range of resources that cover every aspect of installation, from the initial stages of planning your synthetic lawn project, through preparation of the ground area to ensuring that your new lawn is properly fixed and finished.

PermaLawn artificial grasses are manufactured to the highest quality and are available in an extensive range of yarn types and weaves for every requirement. Whether you are after a putting green finish to your project, or whether you need a hard-wearing alternative to natural grass for the children to play on all-year-round, our range has something for everyone.

What you can expect from our artificial grass installation guides

As experienced artificial grass suppliers, we fully understand the ins and outs of installation. We also pride ourselves on offering enhanced customer support, as we know that a good supplier doesn't just offer great products, but also great customer service.

Artificial Grass Installation Guides

A part of our commitment to our customers includes offering the best industry resources, so that everything you need is at your fingertips. We make sure that our artificial grass installation guides are detailed and easy-to-follow and include images to illustrate every stage of the process - particularly the most important ones.

2019 will see us expanding our resource library significantly, to include planning tips, garden design techniques and many other inspirational offerings to help you plan and design your own project. We have a unique project planner to get you started. Find and download yours here.

Our resource library also includes a series of white papers, packed with useful and technical information, ideal for trade artificial grass installers. We are populating the library with technical specifications, brochures and downloadable guides that you can take with you as a valuable part of your toolbox.

Why not check out the latest artificial grass installation guides for yourself? Visit the main downloads page now to find out more, but don't forget to follow us too, as we add more this year to our artificial grass installation guides department.