Artificial Grass to Use for Pets

20 March 2019

By the PermaLawn Team

One of our most common questions here at PermaLawn is 'What is the best type of artificial grass to use for pets?' Many homeowners looking at sustainable, long-lasting and all-year-round solutions for their gardens are concerned about making sure the lawn is suitable for all members of the family - and that includes beloved pets.

Artificial grass is ideally suited to domestic pets such as dogs and cats. All PermaLawn grasses are harmless to such pets, but rabbits, domestic goats and other small animals that typically chew grass could find artificial lawn pretty unpalatable! It is not recommended that you allow grass-munching pets to use the synthetic garden surface - apart from the harm that could be caused by the ingestion of artificial lawn to the pet, the animals could cause considerable damage to the lawn too. Consider instead creating a natural area outside the artificial lawn area for rabbits to use.

Artificial Grass to Use for Pets

Cleaning pet 'spills' from artificial grass

All the PermaLawn grasses are suitable for dogs and cats and are easy to keep clean. Once solid waste has been collected, even the worst 'spills' can be easily and quickly removed with a mild detergent and water mix - a mild, non-bleach containing mixture is best to avoid damaging the lawn surface.

As long as you make sure you clean any mess up quickly, there should be no lasting damage to the artificial lawn. Use soft brushes or cloths across the area and avoid scrubbers or hard plastic scoops.

Artificial lawn can be better for pets than natural grass

Often natural lawns need to be fed and treated with chemical products, such as weed killer. Such chemicals can be hazardous to cats and dogs and other pets. Artificial grasses require no chemical-based products at all during maintenance and care, making them much safer in that respect for your domestic pets.

Sometimes, pet spills and play can damage natural grass, creating bare patches in the lawn or other damage. Artificial surfaces are much more hard-wearing and less susceptible to damage created by hard play, especially with bigger dogs who can easily tear up real grass.

What to think about when choosing artificial lawn types if you have pets

PermaLawn carry a wide range of artificial lawn types of differing lengths and quality. We can provide a bowling green or golf course quality yarn that is tightly woven and short, or a natural-looking matting that is hard to tell from natural grass.

You know your pets and can select an artificial grass type that perfectly suits your needs. With wide-ranging choice at great prices, the assurance that all types will be fine for your non-grass munching pets like cats and dogs and a project planner to help you set out your plans for your lawn, PermaLawn is the perfect place to shop for your new artificial grass.

Browse our range of artificial grasses now, and create a beautiful, low-maintenance garden that is great for the whole family, including pets, all-year-round.