Gardens Anywhere with Artificial Grass

20 May 2019

By the PermaLawn Team

Artificial grass is so versatile you can use it to create a garden anywhere - indoors, outdoors, patios or terraces - wherever your imagination takes you. Some PermaLawn customers have used artificial grass for garden-themed gatherings, product launches and for buffet tables. Stretching the imagination and using a bit of resourcefulness also means that the making of a garden doesn't have to be the breaking of the budget too.

Bring a balcony to life on a budget

Offcuts of artificial grass can be perfect for small garden projects, such as bringing an otherwise dull balcony to life or rejuvenating a roof terrace with a patch of lawn. Local artificial grass suppliers may have offcuts at lower-than-regular prices that would be ideal for a balcony area.

Gardens Anywhere with Artificial Grass

The PermaLawn range offers high-quality and performance at a competitive price, even in the budget range. There is no compromise on performance in our yarns, specially developed to be hard-wearing over the long term. With prices starting at only £9.97 p/msq for the Matlock artificial grass, you can get a beautiful finish to transform the balcony area at an affordable price.

PermaLawn regularly have reductions throughout the year on all our artificial grass and if we have a special offer, we'll post it on our dedicated special offers page until it is gone. It's worth bookmarking this page to make sure you don't miss out on current and future offers if you're planning a garden project on a tight budget.

Create an artificial grass bowling green on your roof terrace

Artificial grass solutions can deliver an element of fun to a flat roof terrace. Whether you're thinking of installing a bowling green on the roof terrace of your house or business or a putting green in the day room of the retirement village, artificial grass of today can help you change the way you've previously considered area usage and design.

St Andrew's artificial grass is perfect for the creation of a bowling green. Designed for, as the name suggests, a golf course or putting green, this yarn has a tight weave and a flat finish, ideal for purpose.

Once the surface is prepared, a rooftop bowling green would benefit from the addition of a soft underlay for comfort and noise reduction. When fitted in a natural environment, artificial grass typically sits on a soil substrate with a drainage layer underneath. The PermaLawn team are always happy to help with advice and tips gleaned over years of experience on how to make the most of your artificial lawn installations, wherever they may be.

PermaLawn synthetic grasses come in a wide range of weaves and yarns to suit a wide range of usage requirements. We put time and thought into our development of new grasses so that we have a grass for you, whatever use you've got in mind, and wherever you're going to put it.

For more ideas, please visit the tips and advice section, where you can browse our resources for inspiration.