How Often Should You Clean Artificial Grass

12 May 2019

By the PermaLawn Team

Artificial grass is growing more and more popular across the UK as homeowners begin to think more about a low-maintenance, always-good-looking alternative to natural lawns. The low maintenance advantages of artificial lawn surfacing are among the top reasons for replacing real grass.

Natural lawn requires a lot of maintenance, including regular mowing, feeding and repair during hot spells or hard play. When hot weather comes around, natural grass needs to be watered to stay looking good and, in the UK, this isn't easy with hose pipe bans commonplace during a heat wave.

Although every homeowner understands that artificial grass offers far less pressure over maintenance, one of the most common questions we are asked is 'how often should you clean artificial grass?'

How Often Should You Clean Artificial Grass

What about artificial lawn maintenance?

Time is of the essence in most modern households, and garden maintenance is time-consuming. Artificial lawns require far less maintenance and cleaning than natural installations, and this means that typical lawn tools, such as lawnmowers and edge-tidying tools can be left in the shed or recycled and forgotten about.

Cleaning your artificial lawn is a super-easy task, involving just a few minutes at a time. Simply collect large debris from the surface as it falls, to ensure the lawn doesn't become damaged by items such as branches or large twigs.

Over time, leaves and other organic matter can break down and clog artificial lawns, which affects the drainage capabilities. To avoid this becoming an issue, simply take a regular domestic broom and sweep the surface to remove the fallen leaves or moss. That's it.

Brushing the lawn can also revive any squashed pile that may be present if there has been a heavy item placed there, such as a family paddling pool. A simple brush against the pile with refresh the surface and leave it as good as new.

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Washing down the lawn

There is no real need to wash your artificial grass installation. The synthetic yarns used by PermaLawn are colour-fast and high-quality, so will not fade quickly like some of the cheaper alternatives.

Having said that, pet spills should be cleared from the surface of the lawn in good time to avoid staining. This can be done with a mild, soapy solution or a specified lawn cleaning liquid. Pick up solid waste and gently sponge down any remainder or swill off with the solution.

The reduced maintenance value in artificial grass has been a bonus for homeowners. This helps to extend the time they get to spend in their gardens - enjoying them instead of looking after them. In the UK, the summer is often fairly short, make the most of every moment with artificial grass lawns from PermaLawn.
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