Installing Artificial Grass Indoors

25 February 2019

By the PermaLawn Team

Installing artificial grass indoors is growing in popularity across the UK for both commercial and domestic situations. Artificial grass is extremely versatile, and the latest versions are both natural-looking and as soft as the real thing.

Artificial grass offers some great opportunities to explore interior design ideas and is easy to install in most areas of the home. Some homeowners are using good quality artificial grass as stair carpet and that isn't as weird as you might first think. Synthetic lawn is extremely hard-wearing and easy to maintain, making it an unusual alternative to carpet, but not an unthinkable one.

Installing Artificial Grass Indoors

Using offcuts of artificial grass to keep costs down

Artificial grass suppliers like us at PermaLawn, often have offcuts that we will sell off at knock-down prices. PermaLawn also install artificial grass for both domestic and commercial projects, so we tend to let our offcuts go at a fraction of the original price.

Offcuts are great for interior projects, especially for creating play areas and decorating with a difference. If you're re-covering furniture or creating some tactile walls in a playroom, artificial grass can be quickly and easily glued in place with a good adhesive.

You can usually find offcuts rolled up outside our premises and can always contact us to see what we have lying around. You never know, there may be an offcut in the ideal size you need, or maybe you can design your project around the offcut you find here.

Buying offcuts of artificial grass is a great cost-saving way to do it, but buying PermaLawn grasses by the square metre also gives you the flexibility to plan your projects in advance, and then you can buy the amount you need, knowing that your project can be completed. Our wide range of grasses starts from just £9.60 per square metre for our current special offer, Paradise 37mm .

Unusual uses for artificial grass

Just for fun, we put together a range of unusual uses and places for installing artificial grass. You can view your copy or download it to study at your leisure here. Some imaginative folk have used artificial grass to revamp garden furniture, create a mini indoor football pitch and as the background theme to a pretty country wedding.

The limits are only in your imagination! Think outside the box and get installing artificial grass indoors to create some great spaces.