Is Artificial Grass Suitable for Pets?

One of the most common questions we receive at PermaLawn is about the suitability of artificial grass for families with pets. In this guide, we will demonstrate some of the benefits of synthetic yarns for pet-lovers.
PermaLawn grasses are hard-wearing, and can take the tough play that household pets, such as dogs, put it through. Our grasses also have an effective perforation level that allows water and other liquids to drain through at a high rate, avoiding pooling. This makes it easy to wash down after pet 'spills'.

Certainly, artificial grass is not going to be suitable for household pets such as outdoor rabbits, or other small animals that have a tendency to nibble grass.

What are the benefits of artificial grass for families with pets?

When it comes to installing artificial grass in your home, one of the biggest concerns is whether or not it is going to be safe for your pets to run around on. After all, our pets are important members of our family, ones that we are going to want to keep as safe as possible.

We believe that artificial grass is a great idea for your home and is also safe for all members of your family.
Not all pet owners will find artificial grass beneficial. It is worth noting that if pet rabbits or other similar animals were left to nibble synthetic yarns, then it could be harmful to the pet, and destructive for the lawn.

But why do we think this? What makes artificial grass suitable for pets.

Let's take a look at a few examples...

Artificial grass is easy to keep clean

No matter how much we love our pets, the truth is that they can make a mess, particularly when it comes to dogs being in the garden. Not only can the destroy things such as toys or chew treats out in the garden, but they can also urinate and defecate on the grass too.

The great thing about artificial grass is that it is incredibly easy to keep clean, even when there is some mess to clean up. All you need to do is pick up as much as you can and then clean the grass with gentle detergent and a stiff bristled brush. Which will leave it looking as good as new.

Avoid harsh cleaning products that contain bleach, as this could discolour the grass.

The need for chemicals is eliminated on synthetic grass

When you are taking care of a natural lawn, one thing that you need to do is use the right products and techniques to keep it looking great and growing as well as it can. Unfortunately, some of these products contain poisonous chemicals that can cause serious harm to your pets, in addition to the environment.

Chemicals such as weed killers, lawn repair kits and fertilizers can lead to long-term damage to natural turf and the soil beneath. When such chemicals are used on natural grass, humans and animals should take care to stay off the lawn for a few days to ensure the harshest of the chemical has washed into the soil.

When you have artificial lawn you don't need to worry about using any chemicals on the grass, which makes it a safer, cleaner environment for your family and your pets to use as they wish.

Artificial grass looks good all-year-round

Of course we want our pets to use our gardens and be able to run around and burn off some steam. The only trouble with this, is that, over time, you may find that natural grass starts to look a little tired and worn after heavy use or wet weather.

The great thing about artificial grass is that hard-wearing yarn types remains beautiful, no matter how much use they get, for many years.

Choose a suitable yarn type for a hard-working lawn.

PermaLawn synthetic grasses have been designed and developed to be durable and long-lasting as well as hard-wearing. This means that even if your pets love nothing more than being outside, you don't have to worry about how your lawn will look over time.

As you can see, artificial grass is a great addition to your home. Not only for its look and the low-maintenance aspects, but also because it is safe for your dogs and cats - in some cases, even more than natural grass.

Is Artificial Grass Suitable for Pets?