Kedleston artificial grass home installation

PermaLawn is proud to display a recent installation of one of our artificial grass solutions.

The installation of our 35mm Kedleston was undertaken as part of DIY garden improvement project in Ripley, Derbyshire. Kedleston artificial grass was chosen because of its ability to withstand high amounts of wear and tear added to the low maintenance properties of our products.

Being used as part of a children's play area, Kedleston was the automatic choice according to DIY installer Paul Stapleton; "Having browsed online at what artificial grass was available, Kedleston seemed to be the best choice for the scenario I had."

Kedleston features the latest in artificial grass yarn technology, utilising the new C-Shape 2.0 yarns which offer a broad range of advantages including:
  • Heat reduction across the whole of the artificial lawn - The improved thermal assets of the yarns means Kedleston artificial grass can handle the summer heat, making it an ideal choice for outside project like this one.
  • No - With a deep, rich colour Kedleston provides a realistic alternative to natural lawns and looks even better

These are just a few of the advantages provided by our Kedleston artificial grass. PermaLawn's Kedleston is designed to be used in areas which receive high levels of traffic and use which is why our 35mm artificial lawn is so popular with locations used by children such as schools, nurseries and home play area.

The main piece of 6m x 3m was also accompanied by another piece of 35mm Kedleston that measures 4m long and 1m wide, used form a neat and great looking path which leads to / from the play area.

"When I spoke to PermaLawn about the benefits of artificial grass, the prospect of not having to constantly maintain the play areas lawn was a huge positive, family life eats up so much time plus the kids can't get muddy!"

With next day delivery on all of our artificial grass products you wouldn't want to miss out on having a hard wearing, low maintenance, artificial grass solution to the muddy, messy and time consuming natural lawn.

"When weighing up the pro and cons of artificial grass, the low cost, easy installation, virtually maintenance free upkeep and long lasting life makes it hard to not use, I'm so happy with the result and I'm glad PermaLawn were able to assist me as much as they did!"

Before and After

Before the installation of PermaLawn's 35mm Kedleston artificial grass


After the installation of PermaLawn's 35mm Kedleston artificial grass


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Monday, September 11th, 2017

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