Local Artificial Grass Installers From PermaLawn

PermaLawn, Derby: PermaLawn, one of the UKs leading artificial grass suppliers, is supporting its customers with the installation of new synthetic lawns as the uptake of its products soars.

PermaLawn artificial grasses are leading the way in garden design, as the UKs homeowners begin to think ahead to how they can create great domestic outside spaces, while cutting down on maintenance and forgetting about the damage the country's weather has done to natural turf in recent years. According to an article from the RHS last year, climate change in the north of England could be contributing to the rise in popularity of synthetic surfaces for domestic gardens, schools and sports arenas.

PermaLawn networking with local artificial grass installers

PermaLawn's industry-leading reputation is strengthened by its commitment to customer service. For every homeowner that purchases artificial grass for their projects, a significant number are happy to self-install. However, there are many homeowners who require skilled and reliable, professional artificial grass installers to address all installation aspects from design and ground preparation to the tying down of the professionally-laid lawn.

Local Artificial Grass Installers

When your artificial lawn is installed professionally, it has the best chance of success and can survive the longest. Making an investment in a synthetic lawn surface is a long-term commitment - one which should realise the long-term benefits.

The PermaLawn team is experienced and knowledgeable about every aspect of artificial grass design, project planning and installation. We work closely with suppliers and artificial grass installers all over the country and are happy to help homeowners and commercial businesses connect with local installers that can be relied upon to carry out surveys and quote for projects of all sizes.

About PermaLawn: PermaLawn is part of PermaGroup, and sister to Permaroof, the UKs premier Authorised Distributor of Firestone EPDM Rubbercover membranes and accessories. Permaroof is dedicated to the provision of both high-quality products and customer service values and works with genuine installers to deliver peace of mind for homeowners across the UK. To find out more about PermaLawn and Permaroof, please contact the team on 01773 441 950 or email us at info@perma-lawn.co.uk.