Why Lay Artificial Grass

A viable, low-maintenance solution to a beautiful lawn!

Permaroof, Derby: The CEO of Permaroof UK Ltd, Mr Adrian Buttress, believes that every UK homeowner could achieve a beautiful lawn this summer without breaking the bank, and without breaking their backs as they work hard to maintain it.

'Some of my clients were getting fed up of having to put so much hard work into maintaining their lawns every weekend, just to keep on top of the grass. Artificial grass has long been ideal for commercial projects, but a beautiful solution was also needed for domestic use; something much more hard-wearing, but that wouldn't lose its beauty over time and constant use,' said Mr Buttress.

'PermaLawn has been the perfect solution, and now homeowners all over the UK can achieve a stunning smooth, moss and weed-free lawn at home easily, with no patching to worry about. And, of course...,' Mr Buttress added with a smile, '...it stays much quieter in our beautiful gardens at the weekend without all the mowing.'

PermaLawn has been developed to look as natural as possible, and is available in a range of yarns, depending on the look and feel the homeowner really wants. The yarns are designed to keep their shape, even with constant traffic, making PermaLawn ideal for use in the family garden, where children can play safely on the soft surface.

PermaLawn offers amazing benefits for both domestic and commercial use:

  • Extensive choice and great prices
  • Easy-to-fit and suitable for DIY
  • Safe for soft play areas or homes for the elderly
  • Low maintenance
  • Pet friendly
  • Beautiful finish

About PermaLawn: PermaLawn is a part of PermaGroup, providing high-quality products, award-winning customer service and industry-leading training.

Why Lay Artificial Grass