PermaLawn Catalogue

Welcome to the brand new 2017 PermaLawn technical specification catalogue

Here at PermaLawn we realise that customers sometimes prefer to view products and items on the go when your internet signal decides otherwise.

To this end we have designed and produced our new 2017 catalogue specifically to combat the downfalls of digital browsing.

No matter if you're on the bus, the train or the Tube, the 2017 PermaLawn catalogue is compact enough to fit in to almost any bag. The crisp and detailed pages provide an easy yet well informed read about all of our artificial grass solutions and installation process.

At PermaLawn we took the decision to make our new 2017 catalogue available to everybody and so we decided to make it completely FREE!

Order your PermaLawn technical specification catalogue today!

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What can you expect from your PermaLawn tech-spec brochure?

Each page contains a close up still of what your new artificial grass looks like as well as a variety of individual details including:

  • Pile height - This is how tall the pile of the artificial grass is, measuring from the top fo the base up to the top of the individual strands.

  • Stitches per m2 - This is the amount of stitches used per m2 in every artificial grass solution, the higher the count is usually attributed to the higher priced solutions due to the increase in production time.

  • Roll length - This is the full and complete length of the roll of artificial grass you can purchase from PermaLawn as one single piece. All of our artificial grasses go up to 25.2m in length.

  • Yarn Style - This is style of which the yarns have been constructed for your new artificial grass. Here at PermaLawn we use a symbol system to identify the different types (Oval, C-Shape and C-shape 2.0).

These are just a few examples of the type of technical data available within our technical specification catalogue.

Also inside is 3-page step by step installation instruction guide complete with imagery to help you understand how your new artificial grass will be installed.

On the rear of the catalogue you will find all of PermaLawn's contact details and social media address, so if you do need to contact us, one of the PermaLawn team will always be on hand to help you!