Permalawn Half Green Pegs

£0.30 inc VAT

Helps to secure grass in place

Peg diameter: 3mm

Top half coloured green to blend into the grass

Coating: Hot dipped galvanised

Length: 150mm (6 inches)

Great value

Width: 30mm (1.1 inches)

Simple and easy to use

Here at PermaLawn we offer half green pegs that are used to anchor your new artificial lawn to the surface. The half green upper sections are designed to blend into the surface of the grass so there isn't a metallic tinge to the back surface.

You can use our half green pegs as either a perimeter pinner or when knitting 2 pieces of artificial lawn together at the seam.

The pegs will not penetrate solid concrete but are very sturdy and comfortable when pushed into a firm sand or rocky soiled base.

The pegs measure 6 inches long and just over an inch wide (150mm x 30mm) and have a thickness of 3mm. The pegs are finished in a hot-dipped galvanised coating for added protection and longevity. PermaLawn's half green pegs also have bevelled endings for quick and secure mounting once inserted in to the ground.

How to use PermaLawn's Half Green Artificial Grass Securing Pegs

Once you have lined up two pieces of artificial grass that need securing, place a peg over the two pieces evenly either side.

Slowly insert the peg through the artificial grass and into the ground using a firm but steady pressure until the peg is virtually perpendicular to the floor.

Once the peg has been securely forced into the ground run your hand over the artificial grass fibres around the peg to perk them back up. This, along with the green coloured tips, will camouflage the pegs into the grass making them all but invisible.

Repeat this process every 50cm (19inches) or so along the length of your joining artificial grass pieces. This will anchor your new artificial lawn into position, making it even more resistant to movement from either use or weather conditions.

NOTICE PermaLawn's Half Green Artificial Grass Securing Pegs cannot be used on impenetrable surfaces such as concrete. If you have experienced a frost recently, you must wait until the soil has fully thawed before attempting to lay and use your artificial grass solution from PermaLawn. To test this use a pitch fork and attempt to push the prongs into the ground, if they require a lot of effort and force the ground is still too solid for use. If you try to use the pegs in these conditions they will more than likely bend and buckle.

If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact us and one of the PermaLawn team will be on hand to help you!

PermaLawn Half Green Artificial Grass Securing Pegs Technical Specification

  • Length: 150mm (6 inches)

  • Width: 30mm (1.1 inches)

  • Peg diameter: 3mm

  • Coating: Hot dipped galvanised

  • Weight (per peg): 100g

very easy and simple to use, available in large enough quantities to cover your lawn at a competitive price! - Glynn Wallis, Nottingham