Joining Tape 200mm x linear meter

£0.78 inc VAT

Sold by the linear meter

Thickness: 0.42 - 0.47 mm

Quantity ideal for diy or 1 off jobs

Temperature Stability: -25ºC to +700ºC

Weight per meter: 167g

Tensile Strength: 400 N/5 cm

Strong geo textile white fabric

Perfect for use in smaller projects

PermaLawn seaming tape is a specially constructed tape for use with the recommended PermaLawn adhesive in forming strong bonds when seam joining artificial grass lawns. Regularly used in the landscaping of busy leisure areas.

The tape consists of a strong geo textile white fabric on one side and this is laminated to a polyolefinic film to prevent the penetration of adhesive through to the under surface.

Weighing just 167g per m2 PermaLawn's joining tape is very lightweight, making it easy to use throughout your new project.Our 200mm joining tape is available by the linear meter for when you have a bespoke order or project, instead of purchasing large rolls and have excess amounts left over you order exactly what you need for delivery next day!

PermaLawn's 200mm joining tape is supplied in a rolled form. This not only allows us to provide a more compact product that is easier to transport and store but to use and cut you just simply unroll the tape and cut your desired length, easy! When cutting your joining tape we recommend using either a pair of high quality scissors or a shape blade Stanley knife to ensure an accurate and smooth cut.

Our 200mm joining tape is available at just 65p per meter length, excluding VAT. You can order up to 99m worth of 200mm joining tape before switching to 100m rolls.

Permalawn 200mm x linear meter joining tape application

PermaLawn's 200mm x linear meter joining tape is a seaming tape that has been made for use in conjunction with polyurethane adhesives. The design of the tape allows it to form strong bonds to the back of artificial grass when used in combination with our adhesives.

When using the tape-adhesive combination be sure to apply the correct amount of adhesive to the white fabric side of the tape. During the installation take care to make sure that the edges of the artificial grass are firmly pressed into the wet adhesive to ensure maximum adhesion.

Tensile Strength
PermaLawn's 200mm joining tape has a tensile strength of 400 N/5 cm. Tensile strength (often shortened from Ultimate Tensile Strength) is an objects (in this case our joining tape) ability to resist loads which apply an elongating force (stretching outwards). This differs to other forms of strength such as compressive which is the inward crushing force.

Using this standard our 200mm joining tapes tensile strength of 400 N/5cm simply means that for every 5cm length of the tape is can withstand 400 Newton's, which equates to just over 40kg.

Permalawn 200mm x linear meter joining tape technical specification

  • Weight: 170g per m2

  • Bonding Medium: Non-woven polyester geo textile

  • Backing Medium: Modified Polyolefin film

  • Roll width: 200mm

  • Tensile Strength: 400 N/5 cm

  • Temperature Stability: -25ºC to +700ºC

  • Thickness: 0.42 - 0.47 mm