Aquabond Adhesive

£6.20 inc VAT

Single component application

Quick and easy to use

Tube capacity: 310ml

Single component adhesive

Good tolerance to use in damp colder conditions

Simple application for artificial lawn construction

Cure time: 1-8 hours (temperature dependant)

Application temperature: 5 - 25ºC

Aquabond Adhesive from PermaLawn is a single component moisture curing adhesive, of trowellable viscosity designed for bonding synthetic sports surfaces (such as artificial grass), to a variety of substrates or jointing tapes.

The adhesive is tolerant to use in damp and cold conditions, with the final bonds being fully resistant to climatic conditions. The Aquabond adhesive can be applied in broad temperature window (5 - 25ºC) and will fully cure within 1-8 hours depending upon the temperature.

The paste is dyed green to blend into the background of your new artificial lawn creating no white joins and giving a lovely smooth and even finish across the whole lawn.

Before applying the Aquabond adhesive make sure the sub floor is smooth, clean and most importantly free of dust and oil as these will affect the adhesive properties of the product. Aquabond can tolerate damp condition but any standing or surface water must be removed before application. Once applied to the surface spread the Aquabond adhesive with a notched towel enough to cover the desired area, leaving ridges of the Aquabond high enough to transfer to the rear of the artificial lawn.

PermaLawn's adhesive is very effective during the installation (or even repair) of artificial grass solutions. The use of this one, single component allows the adhesive to be applied directly from the cartridge via a sealant gun between the two surfaces that are to be bonded.

In order to ensure the bond takes a full hold we recommend either rolling the surface periodically over the next 2-4 hours or placing weights upon the surface for the same amount of time. Although this isn't completely necessary it is something we recommend.

PermaLawn's Aquabond adhesive has a Thixotropic viscosity. This means the Aquabond has a time-dependent shear thinning property. Certain gels or fluids (such as adhesive hardeners) that are naturally thick or viscous, under static conditions will flow over time when shaken, agitated, sheared or otherwise stressed (time dependent viscosity). They then take a fixed time to return to a more viscous state. This would apply to the adhesive before, during and after extraction from its container.

If you use PermaLawn's Aquabond adhesive in damp conditions, during the curing process the compound may develop a slight foaming to its surface. You must take care as to not apply excessive amount of the Aquabond adhesive which form a thick layer which will become visible through the artificial grass.

310ml AquaBond adhesive Technical Specification

  • Colour: Green

  • Form: Paste

  • Characteristics: Moisture curing solvent free polyurethane based adhesive

  • Viscosity: Thixotropic paste

  • Application Temperature: 5 -25 degrees Celsius

  • Curing time (temperature dependant): 1-8 hours (Ambient temperature of between 20 and 5 degrees Celsius