Stainless Steel Scissors

£9.59 inc VAT

TotallLength: 240mm

Blade length: 100mm

Professional quality

Ice tempered blade

Stainless Steel construction

Precision cutting

Heat treated

Zinc alloy handle

Here at PermaLawn we offer all of the necessary additional accessories that you'll need to install your new artificial grass. Having the ability to precisely cut your new artificial grass is no different and so we offer our high quality, ice tempered stainless steel blade zinc alloy handled heavy duty scissors.

With an overall length of 240mm and weighing in at just under 300g our heavy duty scissors are perfect for cutting artificial grass to size. The super-sharp ice tempered blades have a length of 100mm allow you to effortlessly cut through even the thickest of artificial grasses.

With a smooth and firm run (the feel of opening and closing scissors) PermaLawn's heavy duty Stainless Steel Scissors are a must buy for any artificial grass installation.

The handles of our heavy duty scissors are constructed from heat treated Zinc alloy. This provides several benefits including:

  • Strength - Zinc alloys offer incredible amounts of strength (in some cases as much as 60,000 PSI) along with superior elongation.

  • Toughness - Zinc alloy provides our scissors with higher impact resistance than that of normal aluminium, cast iron and plastics.

  • Precision Tolerances - Zinc alloys are created to much finer tolerances than other metals and plastics meaning after the casting process less secondary machining is needed.

  • Clean and recyclable - In the modern age of being 'Eco-friendly', Zinc is among the cleanest melting materials currently used. Zinc is also easily recyclable at the end of the products life span.

What is "Ice Tempering"?

Ice tempering is a form of tempering that is applied to metal in order to increase the materials hardness and elasticity.

In recent times the phrase 'Ice Tempering' has become very popular and has started to be used on normal carbon steel scissors. The phrase has also been thought to be a brand name, but again this is untrue.

It is important to remember that 'Ice Tempering' is only beneficial with Stainless Steel.

Stainless steel is normal steel but with added Chromium to make the steel more resistant to rust, hence the name 'Stainless Steel'. The disadvantages to this process is that due to the high amounts of Chromium in the materials makeup, the scissors cutting edge will dull much faster. To overcome this downfall the Stainless Steel is exposed to very low temperatures to optimise its structure for hardness.

To ice temper Stainless Steel you have to begin with normal tempering which involves the Steel being heated to temperatures above 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. To preserve this now optimum structure the steel is then rapidly cooled via a technique called quenching to around 450 degrees Fahrenheit. From here to blade is then super cooled, down to temperatures around 120 degrees below zero, this is 'Ice Tempering'.

240mm Stainless Steel Ice Tempered Blade Scissors Technical Specification

  • Overall length - 240mm

  • Blade length - 100mm

  • Weight - 268g

  • Handle material - Heat treated Zinc alloy

  • Blade material - Ice tempered Stainless Steel

Very sharp, robust and cheap! - John Taylor, Manchester