PermaLawn Weed Membrane 2m x Linear Meter

£0.82 inc VAT

Roll width: 200cm

Available by the linear metre

100% chemical free alternative to pesticides

Long lasting design

Easy to and install

Essential product for any artificial grass installation

Allows water to easily drain away

Effective weed control

Here at PermaLawn we offer all the necessary additional products you'll need to correctly install your new artificial grass.

As part of the process of installing your artificial grass you will need to install a layer of weed membrane to prevent weeds from growing through your artificial grass whilst also permitting water to easily drain away. To do this will need a robust and reliable weed membrane which is exactly what PermaLawn has to offer.

Our weed membrane is available in 2m wide rolls and sold via the linear metre. This makes purchasing our weed membrane very easy as you can order the exact amount you need, meaning no excess and no waste!

The perfect weed control system, our membrane offers a complete chemical free alternative to pesticides, making our product ideal for use in and around homes and in commercial areas.

Our weed membrane has been specifically constructed for use by both landscapers and horticulturalists, being widely used in both industries. The membrane is produced from black spunbonded polypropylene and high levels of UV stabilisers. With our membrane being spunbonded instead of woven, it can be easily cut without fraying forming at the edges of the cut.

Our weed membrane can be used in conjunction with all of our artificial grass solutions and easily installed during the whole process. All you have to do is cover the entire surface you're working with in the membrane and then fix into place using PermaLawn's 150mm hot dipped galvanised securing pegs.

If you have a seam where two pieces of weed membrane join, overlap them by 150mm (6inches) to ensure that no sun light can penetrate to the levels underneath.

What is spunbonded polypropylene?

Chemical resistant and non-toxic, our weed membrane is both lightweight and breathable. 'Spunbonded' refers to the process in which our membrane is produced.

Composed of thermal bonded polypropylene filaments that are spun into a multi-direction matrix. This process provides our membrane with enhanced durability and increased resistance, perfect for outdoor use in conjunction with artificial grass.

This is the most widely used production technique for non-woven polymers which produces the highest yield of fibres per kilo.

Thing you may also need

Here at PermaLawn we offer all the additional extra accessories you'll need to complete the fitting of your new artificial grass. Please see below for any additional accessories you may wish to purchase:

Permalawn Half Green Pegs: 25p each ex VAT

Joining Tape 200mm x linear: £0.62 per linear metre ex VAT

If you are still unsure about any aspect of your order with PermaLawn please don't hesitate to contact one of the PermaLawn team so we can discuss your requirements!
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PermaLawn Weed Membrane 2m x linear metre Technical Specification

  • Roll length: available by the linear metre

  • Roll width: 200cm

  • Material: Spunbonded polypropylene