Artificial Grass Care Program

One of the major plus points to installing artificial grass is the near maintenance free care needed to look after your new artificial grass over the coming years. Whilst being very resilient to wear and tear and not producing and sludge or mud, artificial grass can and will need some periodic cleaning to help maintain that lush and vibrant look.

To aid you in this small aspect of artificial grass maintenance, the PermaLawn team have put together a simple to follow 'Artificial Grass Care Program' for all of our customers to use to help take care of your artificial grass for years to come!

When installed, particularly outside, your artificial grass with see a lot of traffic from both targeted use (friction on the surface from walking etc.) and the natural elements (wind, rain, snow etc.). Both of these foundations form the inevitable reasons why you should look after your artificial grass to ensure the maximum life expectancy of our products.

Below you will find PermaLawn's easy to follow 'Artificial Grass Care Program' in which you will learn all you need to do to look after your new artificial grass.

Regular Maintenance

The more regular maintenance of your artificial grass can be combined with the majority of your normal garden maintenance. We recommend the following steps as part of your regular artificial grass care:
  • Remove leaves and debris - this obviously becomes more important in the latter months of the year as the Autumn sets in and foliage begins to shed its leaves etc.

  • Trim back hedges and over hanging trees - this helps ensure that the previous job is done as little as possible.

To remove leafs and debris we recommend using a petrol leaf blower, available to hire for a small cost or a stiff brush. The leaf blower obviously requires an additional cost but will provide the best results for your artificial grass.

Regular maintenance of your artificial grass is essential for long life

35mm Kedleston artificial grass before cleaning

The bi-annual application of weed killer will help prevent weed growth

Periodic Maintenance

Regardless as to if you have natural or artificial grass (some of our customers use a combination of both) you need to periodically maintain your garden against weeds and other unwanted growths. We recommend a bi-annually (every 6 months) you apply weed killer to your entire garden to kill weeds and other growths before they start.

During the installation of your artificial grass you should install a layer of weed proof membrane (available from PermaLawn in 100m rolls and by the linear metre in 2m widths) to prevent any weeds from growing through your artificial grass whilst also permitting water to easily drain away.

Immediate Maintenance

Here at PermaLawn we use the term 'Immediate Maintenance' to cover the aspects of the looking after your lawn that require a clean up to be done very quickly after the event, this covers aspects such as anaimal urination or the transfer of mud or other foreign objects into your artificial grass.

To remove these anomalies we recommend using a light soap detergent, warm water and a stiff brush. Make sure to work the detergent into the grass to clean away all of the invading matter before hosing the entire lawn down with water.

There is no need to hand draw (or use mechanical assistance) as the artificial grass with dry naturally in the sunshine or the outside air.

Cleaning your artificial grass with warm soapy water

Clean your artificial grass with warm soapy water

Use a stiff brush to clean away foreign debris

Using a stiff brush will massage away dirt and debris

Here are your 3 simple to follow steps on maintaining your new artificial grass with minimal fuss and expenditure (both physical and financial). If you are still unsure about any aspect of your artificial grass please don't hesitate to get in contact with us and one of the PermaLawn team will be on hand to help you and discuss everything artificial grass related.

You can contact us by calling 01773 608808 or by using the 'Contact Us' button below!