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Artificial Lawn Whitepapers

The Applications and Uses of Artificial Grass

Aesthetics are not the only reason you might choose to install an artificial lawn over natural grass, as there are many benefits to be had. The purpose of this paper is to examine the applications of...

Artificial Lawn Whitepapers

Study on Artificial Grass Drainage

The purpose of this paper is to examine the importance of drainage for artificial lawns. We will look at how natural grass drains, and the difference soil types make in the domestic garden project.

Artificial Lawn Whitepapers

Artificial Lawn Benefits for Installations

In this paper we will take a look at the benefits of artificial lawn for both domestic & commercial situations. Find out why home & business owners are making the move from natural turf to artificial...

Artificial Lawn Whitepapers

A Homeowner's Guide to the Do's and Don'ts

Artificial grass is increasing in popularity all over the UK for many reasons, including aesthetic value, range of choice, lower garden maintenance and more. As more homeowners...

Artificial Lawn Whitepapers

Common Artificial Lawn Installation Mistakes

Synthetic grasses have greatly improved in aesthetic value over the
past two decades and today's artificial lawns look and feel just like the real
thing but deliver much higher performance...

White Paper: Dealing with Ice and Snow on a Synthetic Grass Sports Field

Dealing with Ice and Snow on Sports Fields

Whilst it is traditional to have real turf on your sports field, the truth is that more and more councils and sports centres are moving towards the use of synthetic grass as it incurs significantly lower maintenance costs.