Square Metre Calculator

Here at PermaLawn we recognise that not everybody is a professional and fully qualified artificial grass installer, so we decided to create ways of helping everybody with their artificial grass project no matter if you're a trade installer or a DIY enthusiast who wants to take complete control of their own project.

One of the most common questions we receive here at PermaLawn is:

"How do I know how much artificial grass to buy?"

This is a very valid (and potentially complex) question with this factor hinging simply on the entire area that your project occupies.

Calculating this size though couldn't be easier. All you have to do is simply times the length of your project area by the width. That's it!

So if your garden is 10m long and 10m wide you will need to place an order for 100 m2 of artificial grass. If your garden or project area is a non-symmetrical shape or if you wish to use artificial grass to surround, for example, a pond all you do is use the two widest points to calculate the amount of artificial grass you'll require.

To make this process as simply as possible PermaLawn has created an easy to use square metre calculator. All you have to do is enter your length and width measurements and our calculator will do the rest!

You can enter your details in both metric and imperial measurements, whichever is easier for you! An added bonus is our bolt-on cost calculator.

For instances our ultimate in luxury artificial grass solutions, the 45mm Kensington costs £16.95 per m2. You can add this cost into the calculator along with your measurements and you will then be presented with a total cost for your artificial grass!

Please find below our simply and easy to use square metre calculator! Its free to use so please don't hesitate to get started in calculating your project area!

Square Metre Calculator from PermaLawn

Square Footage Calculator

Thank you for using our square metre calculator, we hope you were able to find out all the information you required for your new project.

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