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PermaLawn Grass Park

Artificial Grass for Parks and Playgrounds

Designing and building a park or playground takes a lot of resources. Once the design has been agreed upon and the decision has been made to lay artificial grass the research into the tight grass begins. On the whole, artificial grass is durable. Some are simply more durable than others. It is just the durability that either though. How porous is the grass and does the substrate provide drainage or runoff when it rains? Factors that influence artificial grass choice So...

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Maintenance of Grass

How to look after & care for Artificial Grass

One of the major plus points to installing artificial grass is the near maintenance free care needed to look after your new artificial grass over the coming years. Whilst being very resilient to wear and tear and not producing and sludge or mud, artificial grass can and will need some periodic cleaning to help maintain that lush and vibrant look.To aid you in this small aspect of artificial grass maintenance, the PermaLawn team have put together a simple to...

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Preparing Artificial Grass

How to install artificial grass – PermaLawn mini installation guide.

Artificial grass consists of synthetic filaments threaded into a backing layer which allows water to drain through. This backing layer is installed on what is known as a 'drainage layer' which is usually comprised of compacted gravel. The artificial grass is then fastened down any seems and along its perimeter. After this some customers then request an in-fill to be placed into their new artificial grass. This is down with either recycled crumb rubber or kiln dried sand. The added...

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Artificial Grass Yarn

Artificial Grass – Yarn Types

Here at PermaLawn our artificial grass solutions are constructed one of three different yarn types, each designed to be used for specific situations dependent upon the requirements of our customers.What are artificial grass yarns?Artificial grass yarns are the individual synthetic fibres which make up the artificial grass. They are in essence the artificial versions of real grass strands.Artificial yarns are measured by the m2 and each of PermaLawn’s artificial grass technical specifications have this number clearly stated. The scenarios...

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